Originally from Essex, I now live in Norwich with my wife and dog, Marley. I am a full time software developer for an Investment Bank in London.  I love my job but the commute is long (~4hours daily!).  Game development is something that I have taken up in order to make that long-arse commute a bit more bearable, and you know what?... It really does!

Dodge Square is my only title to date.  It is a simple HTML5 canvas game for iOS and Android devices.  I will look to stick to the "simple" arcade route for now and just see how it goes! I very much look forward to embarking on this journey through the exciting world of indie game development and will look to share my experiences, good or bad, along the way!


Recent Projects

Tools of the trade 

RichieLoco_Toolset_smallMy Toolset

Every developer is different and with every different developer be sure to expect a very different set of tools that he/she will use.

But, for me, I wouldn't be without a particular set of tools.  Currently I am exploring the HTML5 canvas games dev route so a lot of what I use can also be used effectively in web development!

GruntJS has been an absolute godsend! For those that don't know, it is an automated task runner.  It can be configured very easily to handle all the mundane tasks that nobody wants to do, such as compilation, minification, linting, and can be configured to do so much more!

Source control versioning and lifecycle management is a must!  I use TeamForge by CollabNet because, not only does it provide version control systems such as Git (my choice) hand Subversion out of the box, but also provides issue tracking (similar to that of JIRA), a document repository and many more tools to help the eager indie game developer (moi) successfully control the lifecycle of my products.

My editor of choice is WebStorm by JetBrains.  It's very fast and lightweight, very easy to use and comes with a lot of useful little tools (such as remote debugging, code auto-complete, integration with Git/SVN/Grunt, deployment capabilities).